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By seeing how others have missed the mark, other leaders can be on the lookout for similar problems in their own companies.

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Many leaders decide to keep things from their employees because they believe certain information is "need-to-know. However, leaving employees in the dark breeds distrust.

But, by giving employees bigger-picture information, they feel valued. Providing information on factors like profits can help alleviate those worries.

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When you're talking about transparent leadership, general expectations for employees often get overlooked. So, it should come as no surprise that many employees are unsure about how they should be performing. A September Gallup survey of companies consisting of 2.

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Transparent leadership is about more than the big picture. It also trickles down to day-to-day performance management. And since that information is freely available to everyone, employees know that their performance is being noticed and appreciated by their managers. Many employers withhold certain information because they fear it will cause employees to jump ship.

Ironically, however, employees tend to fill in the voids with even worse assumptions.

The Art of Being Transparent: How to do it Effectively and Why it Matters

All of a sudden, they begin fearing that executives are staying quiet because the company is going under and major layoffs are on the way. In reality, though, what leaders are hiding might be something much less ominous, like a slower sales month. This starts a death spiral within a culture. Great employees turn into toxic ones. Employee retention suffers. Any new initiatives designed to correct the hidden problem are dead in the water before they even start. As the saying goes: When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

Being Transparent

That applies to transparent leadership, as well. When something bad happens, like a dip in profits, instead of hiding the information from employees, approach it as an opportunity for the team to get creative. This reframes any problems as opportunities, making them seem less ominous to leaders and employees. Plus, it allows everyone to be involved in the solution, making employees feel important and indispensable. Transparency is something every organization should work toward.

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Being Transparent & Honest

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