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Can be hosted in our studio in the Berkshires or at your home. Travel expenses not included, US only. Also included are two signed first edition copies of the book, two t-shirts, a hand written thank you note and invitation to the gallery show in San Francisco or North Adams, MA. Aug 10, - Sep 9, 30 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. Finding Shelter chronicles the deep, intimate bond between animal shelter volunteers and the abandoned animals they care for.

Jesse Freidin. Last updated April 1, Share this project. Freidin's photos emphasize that, in many cases, it's not just the dog relying on the generosity of the volunteers, but also people turning to abandoned animals for their own sense of love and security. Finding Shelter Cross Country Trip.

Finding Shelter Expense Chart. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. Support Select this reward. Estimated delivery Jan Kickstarter is not a store. It's a way to bring creative projects to life. Learn more about accountability. Select this reward.

Dairy Shelters Australia – Home

Chesapeake Parks, Recreation and Tourism has a variety of park sections and shelters available for rent. We have locations all over the City. Whether you are having a birthday party, wedding, reception, company outing or your next family reunion we have the right accommodations for you. Let our dedicated staff guide you to the right facility.

Sections and shelter rentals are available throughout the year.

Chestergate Deep Level Shelter

Please take into account the necessary time for cleanup to ensure you are out of the park by sunset. To check rental availability, please call the Visitor Center at prior to completing a rental application. Online payment and reservations cannot be accepted at this time. Fifteen 15 day notice is required for any cancellation or rescheduling subject to additional fees. No refunds for for activities that are canceled by the applicant for any reason including impending weather forecasts or actual weather conditions on the day of the rental unless the City of Chesapeake closes operations citywide on the day of the rental.

See application for further information, pricing, policies, facility listings and locations.

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It is strongly suggested that applicants visit the location s of interest in person prior to submitting the application and payment to confirm that the selected rental space meets the needs of the applicant's planned activities. The Visitor Center is open seven days a week and on city-observed holidays except for New Year's day, Thanksgiving day and Christmas day.

Hours during city-observed holidays are 10 am - 4 pm. All others can begin securing their annual reservations on January 2. The work is linked to an idea of maritime biologist Rachel Carson, who wrote that the percentage of salt in the sea is equal to the salinity of our blood.

Chesapeake City Park - Bagley Stage

This idea supports a theory that all life comes from the sea. Imagine the first life forms, with porous skin or cell walls, through which the sea could freely flow into and out of their small bodies. At a certain moment, however, these life forms evolve. They come out of the sea and develop a different type of skin, one that allows them to keep liquids within their bodies. These liquids are ultimately seawater, and so the creatures — as do we — carry the sea with them, no matter where they go.

In a way, transcribing and performing the sounds of the sea are exercises in listening and meditating out loud. At the same time, they are exercises in imagining or remembering that we are actually part of the sea.

Palladium Car Shelter – Silver - TSSC - Technical Supplies and Services Co LLC

Intended to be performed by 51 participants, the score is printed on 60gsm uncoated paper, and slipped in a silkscreened PVC sleeve, with instructions printed on front. First edition of copies. Photographies du soir consists of a series of images taken by Julien Carreyn between and It is often surprising. In the case of the author of Photographies du soir, we are surprised and almost immediately enchanted by the disorderly voyage he proposes: by way of Matisse and therefore his paradise, Bonnard and Corot, but also the vampire films of Jean Rollin on the banks of the Loire and Les Noces rouges by Chabrol; the pastel interiors by Marc-Camille Chaimowicz and the indecipherable though highly erotic photographs by the painter David Salle.

Each image of this book, as modest as it may be, contains a little of all that. As much as they individually cultivate a certain sulky and lascivious monotony, involving the same portraits of well-bred heroines, with ankle-length pants and sweaters pulled up to conceal cleavage; the same Day in the Country on the banks of the river, dormitories with unmade beds, deserted shopfronts on provincial main streets and declining summer evenings; they carry within them, collectively, this cultural density, this consistency.

And by putting image on page, that we give body to this occult matrix. On est souvent surpris. Chaque image de ce livre aussi modeste soit elle, contient un peu de tout cela. Et la mise en page qui densifie ce maillage occulte. Published at the occasion of the eponymous exhibition at Le Bal, Paris, this publication is a poetic, abstract, fragile attempt to translate something of our times: being in a state of suspension.

It subverts the idea of a traditional catalogue to transcribe this intangible and indefinable state through a continuous stream of black-and-white images. Like a multitude of shards, images of the works featured in the exhibition oppose this desertion of words and thought. A gesture of resistance to immediacy, this publication is an attempt to give poetic form of the intangible. Published on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition, Le Bal, Paris, from February 8 to May 13, Special edition with limited print in a run of 25 signed copies also available.

Here works deals mostly with the topics of improvisation, fiction, instant composition, noise, abstraction and poetry. Her paintings, drawings, sculpture, texts, installations, performances, and musical compositions are mostly abstract and are fed by multiples expeditions to many places where she collect sounds, objects, materials and other diverse materials to her visual and sound works.

After studying photography, art and art criticism, Marcelline Delbecq gradually moved away from the image as such and now concentrates on writing. Ellie Ga practises a blend of narrative genres — memoirs and travel diaries — that pushes back the boundaries of photographic documentation.

Xavier Antin b. With an interest in printed matter, book design and craftsmanship artist Louis Reith creates drawings, collages, paintings and installations. The found material is always chosen by personal interest into form, theme and balance, which are then translated into new compositions. These compositions are made intuitively and refined consciously, playing with the illusion of mechanical versus handmade.

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He exhibits his work through international solo and group exhibitions. Besides his studio practise he also runs a small publishing house called Jordskred and he co-organises the annual Grafixx festival in Antwerp, Belgium. The source material is derived from vintage books, in which not only subject and size play a role, but also the printing technique and colour. These books are stripped from their covers and subject to observant deconstruction. What remains are loose pages and spreads that are processed, with their actual compositions as a coincidental starting point.

The final composition leads to transformed subjects as if it were a fictional archive from the future. With just the abbreviations of the titles as a reference to the used books. In his collages Reith creates serene worlds where abandoned shelters and tranquil sculptures present a modern history, where black and white landscapes are disrupted by bold geometric constructions. He tries to resist technology in favour of physical and craft-based media.

Together with Shelter Press, Reith selected 18 collages from different series which were divided onto 24 pages, in which the works were reorganised and emerged as new compositions. Before the onset of the social and cultural backlash that was brought on by the Reagan administration in the early eighties, Southern California was ripe territory for the genesis and development of emancipation movements for and by African Americans, Chicanos, pacifists, Marxists, feminists and homosexuals. Starting in the late sixties, these revolutionary waves particularly influenced practices such as performance art, video, installation and collaboration, which led to the construction of alternatives like artist-run spaces, non-profit spaces and artist-run community art spaces.

In Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Diego, collaborative public action was constructed around utopian knowledge which was then redirected towards universities and art schools that favored the emergence of radical pedagogies. In the Canyon, Revise the Canon. Mottled sausages, icy landscapes with worms that seem to have died trying to make it over hurdles, portals to impossible lands: welcome to the accidental world of Anne Brugni.

Her workspace resembles a sort of paper autopsy gone wrong, with marbled organs, multicolored hides and strange texts scrawled in shaky brushed script scattered around. We are witnesses to a new sort of Frankenstein, who pieces all of these disparate parts together to create new creatures: joyful, perplexing, but always in the end, intriguing. The book itself is made in the same manner of the works displayed within: using instinct, not too much revision but revision nonetheless and just enough material to give a glimpse of a narrative without becoming redundant or conclusive.

The primary question that the work makes us pose is: WHAT? But the treatment, the textures and compositions give us clues to a mania, a research, an exploration that is flabbergasting. Kids wearing home made costums incarnating a wide range of human vernacular history and reality from the pizza to the clown. Standing in the street they are revealing some cultural fantasies as well as the familiar invisible backgrounds of their neighborhood: a simple tree, a part of a brick wall, a locked door or a pavement.

It is children, besides, that constitute the very matter of these photos even if the truth, in my opinion, is that Purim is an adult holiday. The fundamental issue of Purim is the question of appearance and of internal reality. On this day, we read a text called the Megillah of Esther, whose content should practically be censured for underage persons. Estelle Hanania lives and works in Paris. My work consists of fragments reconstructed from memories, dreams and surroundings where past and present no longer work as isolated units.

My overall process is my own game of telephone, where I move between different mediums and techniques.