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Your Words Should Communicate Clearly
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Understanding his traits is the best way helping you create strong connection with him and make him fall head over heels for you. People often say that men fall in love with their eyes while women fall in love with their ears. None can resist the gorgeousness and beauty of a lady, for sure. For a good impression, you must know what he likes and dislikes to dress based on his preference.

Unlike other guys, the Capricorn male has no interest in women who wear clothes revealing too much skin. Also, a bling-bling look does not work with him; instead, he prefers his partner to dress for success. Your clothes and accessories must show that you are ready to achieve life goals and success. Since your Capricorn is an ambitious man who yearns for a prosperous life, only a mature woman having sharp outlooks about the career life can attract him.

In order to make him fall hard for you, study how a successful dresses as reference. Before thinking of how to make a Capricorn man chase you, you should build and strengthen your friendship with him. Being friends with a woman will give him a great amount of time to get to know her better. Once he feels that she is totally worth his trust and love investment, he will take the progress on the next level. The friendship card is a chance for both to have fun with each other without much attachment and sex.


Make sure to have a strong bond with this guy first. Let me remind you that he is a reserved person and has a hard time opening up his emotions. Before letting you in his circle, he does want to know whether or not you are trustworthy and reliable.

He craves for security. Consider yourself lucky once successfully conquering his cold heart.

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He will turn into a devoted, protective partner who will take care of everything while you just need to sit back and relax. The guy with Capricorn sign is pretty sensitive and romantic in relationships, and if he likes someone else, then he will do anything for success. His outlook towards different life aspects is logical, including love. As mentioned earlier, Capricorn man is very ambitious; thus, he looks for a partner who always encourages him and lends him a big hand in attaining goals.

Tell him about your goals and plans to achieve them — he would appreciate if some of your plans are compatible with his. Confidently show him your intellectual side, open up about your desires, and discuss about having a family in the future. He gets impressed with women who have great careers rather than those have no will of achieving anything. Secretive, guarded, and reserved are three adjectives often used to describe a Capricorn male. He is pretty cautious when it comes to sharing his inner emotions. However, the moment he finds his true mate, he will be completely honest and loyal.

If you feel that your Capricorn crush is slowly opening up to you — this is the sign he feel secure when being with you. Be attentive when he shares his secrets, deepest stories and desires, he will feel unconditionally loved. Take care of his emotion side and he will be yours forever. When you are with this guy, never think of mind games because he takes love seriously. Generally intelligent, Capricorn man would like to be the one leading the relationship.

If you let him set the pace, he will be at your service in any situation. Another trick to get this guy obsessed with you is to impress him with your humor sense. Believe or not, he is unapproachable but actually full of wits.

As you learn more about him, you will realize that he enjoys playing witty jokes and baffling people with his broad knowledge. Due to his intensity at times, he will appreciate if a woman with a great sense of humor appears in his life. Do not dazzle him with just your brilliance. Prove him that you are also an interesting woman by showing your good humor.

In return, he would love if seeing how much you adore his witty humor. Do not afraid to show him your admiration as he appreciates that.

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As he craves for the feeling of being need and loved, he gets excited when you constantly ask for his advice and listen to everything he offers attentively. However, his overprotective trait will soon annoy a true independent woman. No matter what he engages in, all he need is security as well as stability.

He expects his partner to be someone devoted and serious about love relationships. Mind games and hysterics only turn him off, remember! In case he does things upsetting you, simply tell him directly what you like and what you dislike and he will make sure not to step on the same mistake again.

One of the smartest ways to make a Capricorn man obsessed with you is to admire him. Not many know that he has an enormous ego due to his reputation as a shy man. He indeed wants to be admired and adored; thus, take any possible chance to express your love for him sincerely.

First, a Note on the Art of Patience

If he comes up with plans, you should show your interest by asking questions. Keep your sparkle eyes for your Cappy alone — he can be super jealous and possessive at times. In fact, this guy is into stuff functional, simplistic and practical. Buy him simplistic, practical gifts. The man seems to be shy and reserved but only in his day life. When the night comes, he will surely fill up the bedroom with affections.

As always paying attention to details, the way he explores every inch on your body will not only satisfy you but also make him a perfect lover.

1,500 People Give All the Relationship Advice You’ll Ever Need

While serving you sensually, he expects you to fulfill him in return. He will never say yes to role playing or any kinkier stuff. The man whom you are chasing is a family-oriented man. Therefore, the quick way to grab his love is to care for his family. He pursued me and wanted to spend all his time with me but within several months that changed.

We had a blazing row the day before my birthday and I left. We have had contact and he has said he loves me but needs time to chill. Thank you for this blog it really was what I needed to read at this time in my life. Thank you so much for this message Mandy. And stop looking like an idiot. Thanks again…. Thanks for sharing your story. You are right.

If a man is chasing you, be a treasure not trash when he catches you. My father told me to be an asset to a man not a liability. I need to bring something to the table too. He is only with you for sex and for his selfish reasons. He will replace you and move on to the next girl. Friends with Benefits.

14 Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Miss You – Inspiring Tips

I fully agree with you there Felicia, I just dealt with that myself. Heart breaking. I got that reaction after the entire time of bending over backwards for him and helping him and supporting him. So maybe that was the whole reason God introduced us. Excellent addition to the blog! I went through that for 5 years!!

Once I got away from it a year later my total dream come true man pursued me. I am so blessed to have this real true man in my life. This really helped me with what I did. We stayed friends. Simply amazing.. I just did this with a guy.

How To Make Him Miss You Long Distance - These 6 Things Make Him CRAVE You!

It started out ok. Actual dates.

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