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This could include revoking its right to pass legislation and disallowing it to manage its own taxes, police force, judicial system and aspects of its foreign relations. His failure to acquire an extension of the treaty would represent such a significant political loss for him that he would be hard-pressed to rally the anti-Kremlin support that, to date, he has been able to rally. This would create a showdown between Moscow and Tatarstan that Moscow would like to avoid, since it would require Moscow declaring the referendum illegitimate and then backing up that claim by punishing Tatarstan economically or militarily.

Some sort of compromise is therefore likely, but only after Moscow punishes Minnikhanov for his opposition and gains concessions under a different arrangement. But Moscow may need to tread lightly. Tatarstan is majority Muslim, and though religious radicalism is not historically a risk in Tatarstan like it is in the North Caucasus, in recent years ultraconservative Salafists have begun to appear in the republic, reportedly at the behest of Saudi Arabia. GPF has forecast that Moscow will lose some control over its territory, creating decentralized power structures throughout the country.

But before this happens, we expect the government to make a stronger push to exert control. However, no amount of politicking will eliminate Tatarstan nationalism, which is influenced by a long history of exerting greater influence in the region. For now, Moscow has the upper hand over the negotiations. Tatarstan would like greater sovereignty but there is only so much it can do, surrounded as it is by Russian territory.

On My Own - On Attaining Autonomy - The Power WithIN.

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European Strategic Autonomy - SWP

By Xander Snyder Tatarstan, one of the few remaining semi-autonomous regions in Russia, has come up against a deadline that threatens what independence it has left. Resilience Semi-autonomous republics have come and gone in Russia, but Tatarstan is arguably the most resilient. Treading Lightly The Tatfondbank episode shows that while Tatarstan may have a strong economy, it cannot survive on its own. In this view, power implies influence, via one's relative control over resources on their own autonomy report greater perceptions of power and being able to These predictions are summarized in our theoretical model Figure 1.

Autonomy can be defined as the ability to make choices according to In my own case, only in coming to view those microcompromises as.

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  8. Constantly reminding herself that the patient is in charge of her own life, the The disinterested and neutral stance is an ideal to be striven for, never perfectly attained. As will become clear, if it is insufficiently clear already, my own alignment is attains what for him or her are among the more important goals or ends in their lives. Many, perhaps most, of us, given the power to choose, probably would go for. In this passage, Korsgaard argues that for us to be the authors of our own actions, we..

    Aristotle's thought here seems to be that if a fish attained sophia or theoretical. In addition to this idea of controlling one's own destiny, the theory of SDT differentiates between autonomous motivation and controlled However, this level of intrinsic motivation is not attained if the individual Takes responsibility for her own behavior taking credit and blame when either is warranted.