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Divine Happiness
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The Happy Christian releases today, and I suggest you take a look. Also, be sure to stop by David's blog to read David on a regular basis.

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A while back, we started a series for new books—we call it 20 Truths. It's just a glimpse inside a book, often on the day it is released, like today. Remember: we are what we think. If our minds constantly feed on all this negativity, our moods will inevitably darken, taking everything else—our words, actions, health, relationships, and so forth—down with them into the abyss. We become what we think.

Six Keys To Being Happy - The Bible Answer

Overinfluenced by our culture, we have drifted into such a default normality of negativity that anyone calling for a more biblical balance is often viewed with grave suspicion. On the other hand, if we starve ourselves of mental junk and replace it with what is true, admirable, right, pure, beautiful, and attractive, peace will stand as a sentinel all around our feelings and thoughts, creating an impregnable fortress of calm and tranquility.

God Wants Me To Be Happy

Opinions, if they are founded in truth and justice, will, in the end, prevail against the bayonets of infantry, against the fire of artillery. Even Christians find it hard to escape the tendency to turn from the light and to be attracted to the darkness. That simply demands even greater effort to think and talk about faithful marriages, godly young people, generous philanthropists, and honest politicians. The gospel makes no sense and has no power for people who are not taught the doctrine of sin and experience conviction of sin.

Some preachers, teachers, and parents love to dwell in the smoke and fire of Mount Sinai more than the love and grace of Mount Calvary. Although every preacher must both woo and warn, the most regular note should be of wooing more than warning, more of the carrot than the stick, more of the beauty of holiness than the ugliness of sin, more of drawing Christ than highlighting the danger of the Devil, more of the attraction of heaven than the fear of hell. From our earliest days to our latest days, this law governs everything.

You work; you get rewarded. I am the main subject of the Bible. He is the subject, the object, and every other grammatical term in between.

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End-times prophecy, ways to combat cults, church history, biblical languages, ethics, practical Christian living, and so forth, have their places, but they must never displace salvation as our favorite topic of study. Our consciences tell us that we have done wrong and we deserve to be punished by God. Sometimes the tone is condemning, sometimes mocking, sometimes lamenting, but always painful. As the person who has been forgiven most loves most,13 ask the Lord to show you how much you have been forgiven.

The Happy Christian | SermonAudio

We, too, can squeeze maximum happiness out of each happy event or experience by looking forward to it, enjoying it in the moment, communicating our enjoyment of it to others, and deliberately remembering it in the future. Christian hope is a realistic expectation of and joyful longing for future good and glory based on the reliable Word of God. When I counsel depressed people and their caregivers, one of the first things I do is try to give them hope. By definition, depression is a sense of hopelessness; things cannot and will not get better. That hope itself is a huge step toward healing.

Worship need not be confined to our private devotions and our corporate worship.

Yes, these are the times when we should expect to see the character of the Lord and bow before Him with joyful and reverent praise. This entitlement mentality destroys initiative, independence, inventiveness, resourcefulness, motivation, the fear of consequences, and the link between cause and effect. It promotes indulgence, jealousy, conceit, laziness, and self-centeredness.

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It creates bad winners and bad losers. This kind of reconciliation is one of the greatest joys for any Christian to experience. It is so liberating, so refreshing, so exquisite. Biblical diversity is a positive, not a negative. It is an addition, not a subtraction. It is an advantage, not a disadvantage.

Happiness: noun the state of being happy; well-being and contentment: joy. Synonyms: contentment, pleasure, satisfaction, cheerfulness, joy, lightheartedness, good cheer, well-being, enjoyment, etc. For we brought nothing into the world and can take nothing out of it. What does happiness mean to you? How happy are you? What determines your happiness? Also, our stock increases when there are certain people we know, or places we go…pleasures we experience. Remember the beloved Robin Williams? He should have been one of the happiest people on the planet, yet sadly, he died by suicide.

It depends on the attitude they bring in with them when they walk through the gates! Some of the happiest people have the least, while some of the most miserable, have the most. One of my all-time favorite examples of this was a few years ago, having observed kids sitting poolside in the midst of a multi-million-dollar resort — angry at their parents for not having upgraded their cell phone service to an international plan while they went on this elaborate vacation.

Days after returning from my trip, I was driving through a neighborhood with the windows down on a beautiful warm summer day and heard the sweetest sound of small children laughing, giggling and squealing with delight. I quickly grabbed a glimpse of three little ones who would be considered poor as church mice by some, who were in a yard with a hose and a big dirty bucket that they were all trying to fit into.

They were bursting with happiness that spilled over and filled their neighborhood. We can quote scriptures about happiness and joy, such as:. Whoever trusts in the Lord, happy is he. How happy is the man who trusts in Him! God promises something and tells us what our responsibility is. Two of those verses call us to trust.

8 Tips to Become a Happier Christian

He always does His part — we get to do ours! Why does it feel so hard at times to get to — or stay in — that happy place? Thus, the words 'fairy tale'. Learn means: to gain or acquire knowledge of or skill in something by study, experience, or being taught. Habit is overcome by habit. Regardless if someone is naturally pessimistic, neuroscience has proven that, aside from an actual disorder, anyone can replace habits of grumbling and griping with gratitude, if they choose to.