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  1. Video Game Tourism E03: BioShock Infinite Part I, Wish-Fulfillment and The Journey to Utopia

Video Game Tourism E03: BioShock Infinite Part I, Wish-Fulfillment and The Journey to Utopia

At first sight, Columbia is absolutely beautiful. You cannot deny the vista! Life seems carefree, children seem happy. The canary in the cage, in a beautifully inverted metaphor.

Utopia and beyond: The journey and the destination

Seems very anti-utopian! Estrangement at a minimum!

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The Ku-Klux-Klan naturally found its way into Columbia. Hello, Lady Comstock!

How far would you go for your belief and prophet? Exercise to keep the Utopians in shape. Choose: iron cage or guardian of the status quo?

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A moment to relax. Moreover, whereas we be wont more effectually and pithily to declare and express things that we have seen than which we have but only heard, there was besides that in this man a certain peculiar grace and singular dexterity to describe and set forth a matter withal. Which description with so many wonders and miraculous things is replenished, that I stand in great doubt whereat first and chiefly to muse or marvel: whether at the excellency of his perfect and sure memory, which could wellnigh word by word rehearse so many things once only heard, or else at his singular prudence, who so well and wittily marked and bare away all the original causes and fountains to the vulgar people commonly most unknown whereof both issueth and springeth the mortal confusion and utter decay of a commonwealth and also the avancement and wealthy state of the same may rise and grow, or else at the efficacy and pith of his words which in so fine a Latin style, with such force of eloquence, hash couched together and comprised so many and divers matters, specially being a man continually encumbered with so many busy and troublesome cares, both public and private, as he is.

Howbeit, all these things cause you little to marvel right honourable Buslide for that you are familiarly and thoroughly acquainted with the notable, yea, almost divine wit of the man.

For, as touching the situation of the island, that is to say, in what part of the world Utopia standeth, the ignorance and lack whereof not a little troubleth and grieveth Master More, indeed Raphael left not that unspoken of. Howbeit, with very few words he lightly touched it, incidentally by the way passing it over, as meaning of likelihood to keep and reserve that to another place. And the same, I wot not how, by a certain evi1 and unlucky chance escaped us both. Wherefore, I being then of purpose more earnestly addict to hear, one of the company, by reason of cold taken, I think, a-shipboard, coughed out so loud, that he took from my hearing certain of his words.

GoldPile - Return to Utopia

But I will never stint nor rest until I have got the full and exact know-ledge hereof, insomuch that I will be able perfectly to instruct you, not only in the longitude or true meridian of the island, but also in the just latitude thereof, that is to say, in the sublevation or height of the pole in that region, if our friend Hythloday be in safety and alive. For we hear very uncertain news of him.